'Pretending It Isn't Still Winter' Beach Trip


“When I sit and listen to the sound of waves, I feel free from all obligations and people of this world.”
-Henry Thoreau


Like most Michigan-ders, Doug and I were feeling pretty wintered out this week. We thought that April would finally bring warmer weather but instead it's been 25 degrees and snowing...still. We decided to stop wallowing in our cabin fever/Netflix fueled/cranky fest and head to Holland to pretend it wasn't winter. We needed some fresh air and to be near the water. I think that separation is part of what makes winter feel so dreary at times...no rushing water or waves. Those sounds are familiar and grounding that you get to the point where your soul craves them. 

We packed up Paisley and headed out there. It was chilly, but so life giving. We wandered down to the shoreline basking in the sunshine and well known song of the lake. It warmed my heart to watch little one running up and down the beach with her face to the wind. Even with our winter jackets and boots, it had the essence of summer that we all needed. 

No trip to Holland is complete without a stop at Captain Sundae. One of Paisley's favorite treats is some vanilla soft serve ice cream. We don't give it to her a lot, but once in awhile we let her treat herself. Of course your girl got a Tommy Turtle and Dougie boo got Green Apple Flavorburst because he's a grown child ;) 

If you are feeling wintered out as well, head to the beach. Hope your weekend was full of just as much happy and restoration.