Blowout Glam with Jamie At Capelli


I always call Jamie a wizard magician.


Seriously, I do. I used to call her my lash magician but then found out she is just as talented in the hair space as well. Woman of many talents! She graciously invited me into her salon to tame this wild mane. I loved my morning at Capelli chatting about fun products, social media, and her new house's remodel updates. 

But, the blowout folks. It was amazing. Does anyone else love getting their hair washed? That is always one of my favorite parts of a salon visit. From the yummy shampoo aromas in the air to the head massage, all good stuff.

After the wash, she brought me back to her station and shared some of the different products she would be using. She had specifically picked some for volume to remedy one of my reocurring hair issues. My hair is long and fairly dense so it falls pretty flat at times. Along with the product concoction, she used her Dyson hair dryer and a fun pinning method to create some height and dimension...also why is it that you could watch someone blow dry your hair 100 times and never be able to replicate it at home? I probably should just leave it to the pros...

I wanted to share one of my Instagram stories that I posted while I was there. Clearly, I have a blast with this gal and that's what you want from the person doing your hair. Not sure about you, but I have gone to some really uptight, stuffy salons where the atmosphere was anything but welcoming. Jamie and the rest of the Capelli staff have created such a relaxed, friendly but professional environment that can be difficult to find.

Of course I wanted to share some photos from their corner of the world (it's way Instagram swoon worthy in there). PS-I see you Fox Naturals! :) 

Here are some photos of my hair after my blowout. Now I just need to figure out a way for Jamie to do that for me on a daily basis...

Thanks to the incredible woman in the photo above for the morning of glam. I think the best part of going to Jamie for any services go way beyond the end's time with this talented, funny, sweet-hearted individual while she shares her skills with you. WIN. Make sure to connect with her on social media and think of her the next time you need a cut/color/blowout!

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Facebook: @lavandlox



*I worked with the lovely Jamie on this post but the content, opinions, and killer blow out experience are my own.