Styling Summer Pieces In The Winter

All these summer pieces sadly hanging in the closet…

Do any of you do a major seasonal closet shuffle? I have friends who literally wipe out their closets when the seasons change. Under the bed bins, clothing racks, and bins become home to their off season clothing. I don’t typically do this…maybe I’m missing out but I interchange clothing regardless of the season. In the winter I want to rock some of those dresses just with pants…in the summer one of my favorite things is cozying up to a campfire in a good sweater.

So, in thinking about this, I wanted to share some of the ways that I transition summer pieces into the winter weather. Not reinventing the wheel here, just wanted to share how I have retooled these clothing items to be more effective no matter what the temperature is.

For this particular outfit, I ran between the seasons like a mad woman. Some summer, some winter, and everything in between. I used one of my favorite linen dresses as a psuedo-skirt. I knotted a graphic tee over it instead of wearing it simply as a dress. I added tights, a leather jacket, some mint earrings (for a happy pop of color), and my favorite black slip ons to complete the look.

Summer dresses and tees are simply too fun to rock them solely in winter. What are your favorite ways to mix in summery clothing when it’s chilly outside?

What items are you taking from summer into the winter months? Would love to hear how you are styling these pieces!

Leather Jacket: Nordstrom-Blank NYC
Dress: Found Cottage (you can shop this item on line)
Graphic Tee: I got mine at Banana Republic but there are endless cute graphic tee options
Earrings: Loved the pop of color these brought. They’re from Anthropologie a few years ago but I fell in love with these which are a similar color.
Tights: Target Opaque 120 (my faves)
Shoes: Gina’s Boutique (you can shop them online)