Henchmen House Barbershop

There’s a new henchman in town.

There’s a recent addition to the growing Creston neighborhood. Henchmen House Barbershop opened recently and is quickly making a name for itself in Grand Rapids. The owners Tommy and Darline Rodriguez carefully curated the shop from the line of products they carry to the handsome photos on the wall framed in gold. The vibe is well balanced. It’s the ideal mix of polished but welcoming…a place you can put your feet up and share conversation.

Doug has been excited about Henchmen for months. He is obsessed with his new hangout and fresh look. I told Tommy to give him “Justin Timberlake hair” and he DELIVERED. Not only have the cuts been great, Doug loves the full treatment he gets from a straight razor shave to a warm towel massage.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Tommy about his vision for the barbershop, why he picked the neighborhood he did, and what he hopes for his clients. Introducing Henchman House.

Why did you choose the Creston neighborhood?
I wanted to be a part of the growth that was happening in the Creston neighborhood. I felt like a barbershop could add value to that community.

What do you want people to know about Henchmen House?
The definition of Henchmen means a trusted follower; a right-hand man. We are driven by a simple concept: to create a space that has good conversations, great service, camaraderie, and fresh haircuts. I want people to know that the Henchmen House Barbershop welcomes inclusivity and diversity and that we specialize in short haircuts.

Where did the name come from?
I am a big fan of Scorsese films such as Casino and Goodfellas. I’ve always enjoyed the concept of the person you don’t hear much about but he always get the job done. The second part of the name came from my wife because she didn’t want the shop to just be one word.

When you’re not at work what are you up to?
I enjoy hanging out with my wife and friends, supporting and being a part of 61syx Street Dance Academy, checking out other local events, and thinking of ways to better myself and the barbershop community in Grand Rapids.

How can people get in touch with you?
They can book an appointment on our website and we always take walk-ins as well!

What is your hope for the barbershop?
In the long run, I would like to grow the barbershop into a few more locations to add value to other communities. I hope my barbershop will make a mark on Grand Rapids. I want my clients to leave the barbershop feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

Send your pals/husbands/sons/dads over to Henchmen and keep up with them on social media:

Website: thehenchmenhouse.com
Instagram: @henchmenhouse
Facebook: @henchmenhouse