Brooke R: Brand Marketer, Artist, Sweet Soul

Y’all, she is probably one of the most charismatic, beautiful people i have met in real life. No joke.

I had the pleasure of snapping some photos of this gal for a local boutique. She has the best energy so I loved being able to wander around the city with her for the morning. She works in Brand Marketing by day and draws artistic, creative things by night.

OH. And she’s crazy photogenic (I always blab to her about her eyelash situation which.are.natural). Love that she was up for anything for this shoot including wearing some color considering home base for her killer style is typically black and neutrals. Enjoy this little peek into our time together…

Thanks to Brooke for wandering around with me for the afternoon and modeling. You’re a gem. Connect with her/see her amazing drawings on social media:

Instagram: @brosier
Drawing Instagram: @brosier_draws