Sincerely C U R R E N T L Y | White Pants

Has Labor Day past? No worries, throw those white pants on.

On the last edition of Sincerely C U R R E N T L Y, we styled matching kimonos. It was one of those unintentional matching moments when we both realized that we had bought the same piece…again. Great minds, yes? For our May we wanted to bring some Spring to the party with white pants.

White pants have to be one of my favorite clothing items of all time. Regardless of the season, I love the clean canvas that it creates for your outfit. All jokes aside, I really don’t think the Labor Day rule is valid. Style is yours to play with outside of the rules. “Winter white” is one of my favorite looks (cue white pants and a slouchy sweater) so if you want to wear those white pants ‘out of season’, you do it my friend.


Kherington killed this look (per usual). She has a great approach when it comes to utilizing color while keeping it chic. Always appreciate her perspective and how she makes sure to insert a bit of her personality into her look no matter the occasion. For this installment of our series, she wore a beautiful black and floral kimono with a matching blue crop tank. Never one to leave an outfit without the best finishing touches, she completed her outfit with metallic gold mules, statement earrings, and a good pair of sunnies.

“I always say whoever made the “no white after labor day” rule, apparently wasn’t doing it right! Especially now in 2019, there really aren’t style do’s & don’ts. I personally love wearing white denim + feel like it is a staple! It always adds a fresh element and transitions well from season to season! If I can wear them while chasing around a three year old for a living (the definition of RISK TAKER) ...EVERYONE can wear them!”

Pants: Sparrow Boutique
Crop: Marie La Mode
Kimono: T.J.Maxx
Mules: T.J.Maxx
Sunnies: Forever 21


I truly enjoy white pants…specifically, these white pants. I might have 3 pairs of them but when you find a good thing you lean in to it, right? While I of course appreciate their clean look, I also find them to be a welcome change up from jeans as you’re venturing into the 8th month of winter.

For this look, I paired them with a tunic style button up with another one of my favorites: black and white stripes. Haven’t met a black and white stripe shirt, pillow, chair, or wallpaper that I didn’t love. Speaking of favorites, I love a good khaki or camel color as a compliment to the visual of black and white so I paired a true trench with it. To bring a pop of color as well, I added some burnt orange mules.

Pants: Gap
Shirt: ASOS
Trench: Tommy Hilfiger
Mules: Franco Sarto (from Nordstrom Rack)
Sunnies: Spring Sweet

Thanks for coming along for another round of Sincerely C U R R E N T L Y. We are having a blast sharing these looks with you. Make sure to let us know if there are pieces you would like us to style. Now, go rock those white pants my friends (regardless of the season).