An Afternoon of Whimsy with Sweetwater Floral

Floral arranging with the pros? Sign me up.

Part of our retreat at The Leland Lodge was a floral workshop with Sweetwater Floral. Cue: beautiful flowers, music softly playing in the background, a glass of wine, and Kalin the wonder woman behind Sweetwater. As you can guess, it was a perfect afternoon.

Kalin sweetly shared some basic tips on arranging while Mary Poppins-ing the most gorgeous arrangement together. As she chatted with us about height, letting stems live in their organic state (aka don’t bend them to be what you want, let them flow naturally), and filling holes, she was deftly putting flowers into a pot like some kind of floral magician.

After some info from the master, we were set to work. The base was salal leaf which I was excited about as it’s one of my favorite greens. It makes great filler with its large, deep green leaves and bonus that it’s typically a lower cost item. From there, Kalin and her team passed out beautiful blooms from spray roses to beautiful peachy ranunculus. We built our arrangements as they brought new stems around to incorporate and serve up helpful tips.

I really enjoyed the workshop and it left me thinking about the importance of each of us sharing what’s creatively in us. If Kalin never listened to the voice inside her that said, ‘Yo, you can arrange the s-word out of flowers’ endless brides would have been robbed of the visuals she creates for their most important day. The same goes for the attendees. At the workshop, I shared the table with fellow bloggers. All of us were given the same amount and types of flowers, but no two end products were alike. This boldly speaks to the beauty in each of us sharing our unique perspective. From creating recipes to styling an outfit, there’s so much more that can be shared when we operate from what’s innately in us.

A huge thank you to Sweetwater Floral for the lovely afternoon and our hosts for creating the most relaxing, sweet atmosphere on their back patio. Much more to come from my trip to the lodge/Leland to come so stay tuned!