Sincerely C U R R E N T L Y | Who What Wear Kimono

Find a friend who will have an impromptu dance party in kimonos with you.

On the last edition of Sincerely C U R R E N T L Y, we styled the black blazer. We felt as though this classic piece is something that most people would have in their closet regardless of the exact style. This time around, we wanted to style a matching piece. Since we met, Kherington and I have bonded over our love for Target/Who What Wear Collection. No matter what season, I can always count on them for a gem whether that’s a sassy dress pant for my next client meeting or a flowy showstopper dress for a summer patio (ie. me wearing it while holding a margarita…summer, is that you? No? Still not? Cool, cool, cool).

I have sang love songs to kimonos before. If styled correctly, they can be both comfortable and a great fashion statement. Last year brought this kimono to me and I was thrilled. It was pink, had black accents, and was on clearance for $10. ALL IN. Of course, we came to find that we had bought the same item (again) so we knew that we had to feature it in this series.


One of the many things that I love about Kherington’s style is the way that she combines different pieces that have personalities of their own while keeping it a cohesive look. She paired her kimono with some high waisted striped pants and a polka dot mesh top that peeked out at the top of her belted kimono. Her accessories were the perfect finishing touch including her classic black pumps and black/white striped pom earrings.

Kimono: Who What Wear Collection
Pants: T.J.Maxx
Belt: Forever 21
Pumps: Marshalls
Earrings: A gift from her mom (how cute)


I find myself reaching for this kimono a lot. There’s something balanced about it in that it’s definitely a statement but still airy. You can dress it up or wear it more casually depending on where you’re headed, but it’s always a piece that elevates your look. I think this is a general strength of this OG collection at Target. They do a great job of creating clothing that you can get some mileage out of since they can be applied in various settings. Their focus on versatile pieces that run the span between bold prints and workwear classics is something I really appreciate.

For this outfit, I paired my kimono with a graphic tee that has a little cocktail on it. It’s painterly and looks like an artist did a quick watercolor of the glass. There are small moments in the t-shirt that are the exact color of the kimono…don’t you love when life comes together like that? Black joggers, white mules, polka dot neck scarf, and a trusty hat completed the look.

Kimono: Who What Wear Collection
Joggers: Target
Mules: Target
Tee: J. Crew
Hat: Gigi Pip

Loved this kimono fueled round of Sincerely C U R R E N T L Y. Let us know if there are items that you would like to see us style in the future! Happy weekend friends.