Productlove: March 2017

Time for some product magic! 

Is anyone else a sucker for trying new products? I can so easily get lost wandering around a Sephora/Ulta. I wanted to fill you in on some new things that I have tried along with an old friend.


Dry Skin Saver For Sensitive Skin

I love Kate's products. I was introduced to her when I was looking for a good face wash that would also exfoliate; enter ExfoliKate! She focuses on the transformation of your skin from the inside out. I like that she tailors her products based on what type of skin you have. 

Since I loved ExfoliKate, I thought I would try her all around moisturizer for your face/body. It's really can almost feel it being absorbed into your skin. I love that it leaves you feeling hydrated but not sticky. Bonus=it comes in an adorable mint bottle.

Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm & Honey Savior All-In-One Skin Repair Salve

Their story begins with a 'pioneer plantsman' and a 'farming expert'. Mark and Robert teamed up to bring unique, farm-grown skin care. Not only does their approach get more natural, healthy products in our hands, it creates jobs for their community as well. Everything from Farmacy is made of natural ingredients vs. harmful chemical and fillers. Their team of scientists work to ensure that the heart of the ingredients remain whole with each product. Oh, and their packaging is a first round draft pick when it comes to design. ME=melting.

Sleep Tight-the balm is made of a really lightweight oil-gel. It has a fresh, clean scent to it and feels like air on the skin. After your cleansing ritual work a little dab of this between your palms and then apply intentionally to the skin. It moisturizes but also helps with elasticity and pesky wrinkles #not21anymore.

Honey Savior-bees make this. YAAAS. It's made of Echinacea GreenEnvy which is their discovery and hallmark ingredient. The salve is great for irritated skin, rough patches, and even can help treat with minor abrasions. I like to keep a tube in my bag especially for 'Michigan-winter-hands.'

Vibrancy Foundation

No parabens, sulfates...just the yummy stuff. I read Josie's story of going to France and meeting a woman she thought was in her 40s. Turns out she was in her 70s and said her beauty secret was argan oil. Josie started formulating cosmetics based on this ingredient. She found it growing in Morocco and started to work with local women there to harvest it. This not only empowered them but added to her responsibly sourced products. 

I am always a bit wary when it comes to trying new foundations but had heard a lot of great reviews about this one (and by great reviews I mean me on YouTube staring at make-up videos). I love the coverage it gives without feeling super cakey or heavy on the skin. I'm guessing that this is due to some of that revolutionary Argan Oil being in the foundation itself. There's a really beautiful glow and luminosity that you get which I love. I use a damp Beauty Blender to ensure an even but dewey look. 


My ride or die product is Dry Bar's Detox Dry Shampoo. I keep one in my car and purse at all times. It's a great refresher if your hair is looking tired or greasy towards the end of the day. It also provides great texture if you  are doing a more complicated up-do or braid. 

TIP: Even though I have dark hair, I use the lighter version and just work it in really well. I tried the darker version and would find it on my hands when I ran my fingers through my hair. Not cute.

Drybar's Detox Dry Shampoo


What are some of your favorite go-to products? New ones you have introduced into your regiment? Give me the deets...