Leopard Dot Skirt Moment


Sometimes I find the sun so (lovely) deceiving. I’m not a committed weather follower so I essentially leave the house in whatever I am feeling that day. On this particular day it happened to be a short sleeve ruffle shirt along with a springy-happy-more words that end in 'y' skirt.

Who says you can’t romp around in an alley and take some photos? THE WIND, THE FREAKING WIND SAYS SO.  The blustery wind made attempting to brush my hair that night a whole situation (not to mention some dicey moments involving a fuller skirt and powerful wind...like hey, GR here's my butt).

As far as the clothes go: if there is a cute black top on the market I want to know about it. I fell in love with this one at Anthropologie (plus it was on clearance, score) and wanted to pair it with more of a statement piece. This beauty from Kate Spade was the perfect partner in crime for my understated top. Pair some ankle strap heels and I am a happy girl.