Cape with a Bow

When I wrote that title I was singing it like boots with the fur. You know, cape with a bow (with a bow)... 


It was 80 degrees here last Friday, fairly rainy this weekend (other than when the sun peaked out), and then cold again today. If you looked in my backseat right now, you would find mittens and a chunky knit scarf along with sandals and athletic shorts. Why is all that in my car you ask? We have been staying at my in-law's lakehouse for the past couple weeks on and off so my car has been a mobile apartment (aside from the all-weather wardrobe collection, you would also find remnants of my life in various baskets/bags/suitcases). 

For this fickle and transitional time of the year, I have been wearing this cape quite a bit. It's the perfect piece for some warmth on chilly days while allowing your arms to peek out and breathe if needed. Also it closes with a little bow at the top (insert the heart eye emoji here friends).

As a recruiter by day, you can typically find me in something like this. Especially in winter, I am usually in black from head to toe with a little pop of color or statement accessory. My co-workers probably think I'm always channeling a lot of inner darkness but in reality I just LOVE BLACK CLOTHING (sorry that got yell-y). I think it makes the perfect statement, always. You can spin it classic, preppy, modern, over the top, business...whatever the occasion/atmosphere calls for. 

There's a confidence that comes with finding colors/materials/outfits that you feel comfortable in and proud of. To find your fashion home base is essential...for one, allows you a starting point to branch out from when you're feeling sassy. But, it also allows you to identify how you are sharing yourself through your clothing. How we dress is an extension of who we are and how we are feeling (it's okay that sometimes we are feeling like a baggy sweatshirt and leggings). Figure out what you feel beautiful in...what pieces are your favorite or go-to items? Certain colors? Materials you like or avoid? There is powerful information in your own closet leaving crumbs for you to follow for your next shopping trip. 

If you don't already, 'find your center' when it comes to fashion and I think it will unlock a happy confidence you never saw coming. One of mine happens to be black on black outfits (+ankle strap heels with which I am officially obsessed).

You're the only person that can be you on this entire planet. Embrace that and feel the freedom it brings flowing from your heart and into the clothes you wear...because the world needs to see it.