Fleetwood Diner in Hunter Boots


When you're in Ann Arbor...


One of my favorite towns for a quick getaway is Ann Arbor. We are spoiled in this area with all of the great cities that are within a couple hours. I love heading to a new place even if it's just for an afternoon to gain some perspective and experience new things. Even after a day trip, I come back feeling refreshed and ready to conquer some s-t-u-f-f. 

We headed out in the morning (saw a UFO on the way but that's a different story) and for whatever reason when we arrived we were both real hungry...let's blame the weather. We stopped by the iconic Fleetwood Diner for some [real freaking early] lunch. It's okay to eat diner cheeseburgers at 10:30 am right? 

Thanks to Fleetwood Diner for the delicious lunch and Kristin Jones for snapping these photos (and being a great road trip partner). 

Website: thefleetwooddiner.com
Facebook: @officialfleetwooddiner

All of these pieces are from the beginning of this winter so they might not be in the stores anymore but wanted to give you my sources since most of them are local (just in case you haven't heard of some of these cute boutiques). 

Sweater: Lee and Birch
Leggings: Down To Earth
Necklace: World Market
Boots: Hunter