Shoe Shuffle: Mules


Spring? Is that you?!

Maybe it's because Spring seems to be back in the air but I have been breaking all of my mules out again. I wore them as long as I could into wintertime, but when snow starts flying I feel the need to retire them until warmer weather comes back. I have a pretty serious obsession going. There's much to love about them: comfortable but cute, effortless but chic. I love that you can find them in very subdued, classic styles or add a little sass to your outfit with a more embellished pair. 

A few 'mule' outfit ideas...

  • Joggers, graphic tee, field or leather jacket, beret
  • Shift dress, distressed jean jacket, statement necklace 
  • Shorts, sweater, neck bandana 

RUFFLES: LA Miller Boutique (I don't see these on their website but they have a bunch of other cute shoe options).

PINK: A New Day Velma

BOWS: Dolce Vita Caela

GOLD: Madden Girl Mule (I can't find these online but here are a similar pair).