The White Trench and the Killer Jumpsuit Deal


Just a blog title, not a band name (although not bad).

I have been wearing a lot of white and creams's probably my weak attempt at willing Spring weather to come. Regardless of the color, I love a monochromatic look/one that lives in the same color story. There's something about it that just feels chic to me. 

It's key when transitioning your style from the dreary winter to fresh spring that you focus on colors and mixing pieces of your wardrobe well. At least here in Michigan, we are in the strange in between where one day it might be 60 degrees and snowing the next. To combat this, I wear a lot of intentional layers and pieces that accomodate different weather easily. For example for with this outfit, I wore a short sleeved jumpsuit that I found at Gap (for $13...that's the deal) with a cream trench. This allowed me to enjoy short sleeves during the warm afternoon but add the trench when the sun set and it got chilly out. 

How are you transitioning yourself from winter to spring? 


Coat: H&M-not on their website but I didn't get it that long ago so check the store
Jumpsuit: Gap in Rock Grey
Heels: Nine West-the elusive heel that I want like 593028430 more pairs of
Clutch: Anthropologie-it's a tote AND a clutch=bingo
Necklace: Frances Jaye