List of Thankfulness


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

I sat down this morning to spend some time to ponder gratitude...what I am most thankful for? I feel overwhelmed with blessings in the my life, but self-admittedly probably take them for granted on a daily basis. Loving family and loyal friends (and a Paisley!) came to mind immediately and while my heart is probably most thankful for the individuals who hold these titles, I wanted to do a bit more of a deep dive into what I am grateful for but often miss.

I was inspired to do this practice by the Popcast who encouraged their listeners to think of items we should be actually grateful for like when the barista spells your name right. So, here is my list of (not as deep but actual) thankfulness. 

  • When you put a jacket on for the first time this season and there's $20 in there from last fall #scorebig
  • Your bag being the first one to come out of the carousel in the airport #peace
  • Tripping, but recovering and not doing the full front face dive #graceandpoise
  • A riveting episode of Law and Order on at the gym so you have something to watch while elliptical-ing #oliviabenson
  • When the total comes out to an even number #satisfying
  • Group chats that are mainly communication through GIFS #searchzachdrinks
  • When your table at a wedding is full of people you actually enjoy speaking to #howdoyouknowthecouple
  • Your Uber driver being conversational and friendly, but not too conversational or too friendly #allaboutbalance
  • When it's time to go and you know exactly where your keys are, where your purse is, and where you're going #inthezone
  • For red lights that change to green so you don't have to slow down at a stop light #toofasttoofurious
  • When you walk out of the store with the items you were actually going there to pick up #brainfiringonallcylinders
  • When Costco is batting 1000 with the free samples on the day you visit #meat
  • Dry shampoo #iwouldliketousealifelineregis
  • When you "just aren't having it" and no one bothers you or talks to you #ronswansonmode
  • When the store has the item you the color you the size you need...and it's on sale #dreamsdocometrue
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU: I am humbled and grateful that anyone would take time out of their busy schedule to read my blog. I have always found such solace in the portal that writing provides and this space has provided that ten times over. Your messages and comments mean the world to me...thank you for sharing your own experiences and perspective. Let's keep rocking friends #reallyfreakingthankful

I hope your day is full of everyone and everything you love. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!