Eat, Drink, and Shop Your Way Through Small Business Saturday


Shop on pals.

My favorite aspect of this crazy shopping weekend is Small Business Saturday! I love that this day serves as the balance to Black Friday where a lot of people are shopping at big box stores only. 

ALL: supporting local establishments with our patronage is so important. If we don't live through the concept of 'shopping small' these places will no longer exist. Especially this time of year when you're conquering your gift list, these local stops are the way to go...their shelves are filled with items that have been personally curated with love. You just don't get that same attention in larger retail environments.

So, go visit your favorite local businesses this weekend. Not only will you end up with items that have so much more character and uniqueness, you will be supporting (hustling, scrappy, determined) entrepreneurs in your community. From the man, Michael Scott himself: win, win win.

Looking for some local goodness to check out? Below are just a few of my favorites...

Grand Rapids, MI

If you follow my Instagram, you understand my love for this place. It's my first stop when I need a little gift for someone (or it's treat yo'self day). Their merchandising transports you into this magical land where you are able to wander, read funny cards, and find mugs that you Icing=you will probably be able to chat with one of the charming owners who are guaranteed to brighten your day. Some people just have a gift for bringing warmth to your's the viceral feeling of 'home' that settles into your spirit. Feeling cozy yet? Yep, that's them. 

MY PICKS: Bottle brush trees for Christmas, seasonal prints with wood hanger, any of the must-have mugs (favorites are the Michigangster and Hail Yes)

Holland, MI 

Not many shops capture having something for everyone as well as Frances Jaye. Regardless of what your style baseline is, they have pieces that can seamlessly make their way (like the white jacket in the photo below) into your wardrobe...yet the store is cohesive. It's just the FJ magic I guess. I have chatted about them on the blog before (you can read that post here) and continue to use them as a staple for anything from clothing to the best statement jewelry. I love that they carry handsome menswear for the dudes in your life. Mr. Handsome himself is smitten with this little haven on 8th Street. They had him at 'we carry Herschel bags.'

MY PICKS: Bead statement necklaces, men's leather gloves, Shinola anything, Herschel duffels

Rockford, MI

Always my first stop in Rockford, Bailey and James holds everything cute you need in your life. The owner captures loveliness so well which matches her disposition so well. I recently attended their holiday open house and immediately started listening to Christmas music afterwards. It was the sweetest way to get in the spirit of the holidays. If you are looking for a thoughtful baby gift, whimsical ornament, or great local artisans, this is your one stop shop. 

MY PICKS: Unique Christmas ornaments, tea accessories, Rifle wrapping paper

Grand Rapids, MI

Is there anything more endearing than having a bookstore in your town? There is something so special about the experience of wandering through a store and finding solace, safety, education, comedy, encouragement, challenge...all in the form of some pages and a binding. I am a self proclaimed digital reading hater (talking to you Kindle) but I know they are taking prominent form in terms of the way people read. Call me old fashioned, but when I want to hold a book and feel it's pages. Thanks to this cozy spot for giving that to Grand Rapids! And, for a great children's section where I have found the best gems for my niece and nephews. 

MY PICKS: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, In Bloom Collection of Classics, The Mothers

Holland, MI

Another favorite is from Holland which is this chic, elegant store (Frances Jaye's next door neighbor). The owner's name is Spring which...could something be more kismet than that? I say that because you can see her throughout the entire space: style, warmness, touches of sass, and essentially, all things lovely. When you visit, it's like they took the best parts of life and put them into one shop. The most beautiful bridal gowns on the top floor, home/gift items sprinkled throughout, floral design, and unique clothing that makes a statement. 

MY PICKS: New sunnies, wood bead chandelier in the home section, fresh greens for a holiday tablescape

Let's be real, when you're out shopping you are going to need some sustenance. Below are some of my local favorites to fuel you for some more supporting-locality. 

Lyon Street: Peach Tea, Cortado (with honey and salt), or Vanilla Latte

Matchbox: You call it Eggs Benny

Luna Taqueria: Tacos and the salsa flight

Social Kitchen: You call it Social Salad, Fries, Old Fashioned

New Hotel Mertens: Latte, Americano

Mokaya: Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Peppermint Patties

Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend! 
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