Grand Rapids Map Print


I'm a sucker for a cool map.

For whatever reason, I really enjoy a good map. I was at a local antique store this past summer and found a vintage map of a city here in West Michigan. It was ripped and pretty beat up...IWASINLOVE. It was pinned (strikethrough, stuck) to an old tack of my fellow shoppers actually laughed when I asked if I could buy it.

Despite my love for maps, I am TERRIBLE at reading them (if we ever road trip together that would not be a good job to assign to me). But, I like studying them. That complicated grid of intersections and straight lines represents so much...cities with character, unique landscapes, the citizens that call that piece of land home. 

Modern Map Art was born out of a similar fascination with maps along with the owner's own inspirational travels. The company is an attempt to help people have a visual representation of a region that either represents home or holds some kind of significance for them.

I love the thought of capturing a moment in time, special trip that meant something to you, or the familiar streets you walk everyday hanging proudly in your space. For my print, I chose a simple black frame so that the elements of the map would be the star.

One of the cool aspects of the site is that you are able to customize your map. So, even if you don't call a large city home, you can do a search for your hometown. It's cool to see the aerial view come to life in a print. You can see their custom map screen below...

Thanks to Modern Map Art for collaborating with me on this post! If you end up buying one of these prints, send me a photo...would love to see what you chose and how you end up styling it. You can find all the cuteness here: 

FACEBOOK: Modern Map Art
INSTAGRAM: @modernmapart