Lately | End of January/Beginning of February

What’s the haps…or what’s the [insert whatever the cool kids say these days].

Here is an update on our end of January/beginning of February. I hope you all are surviving the winter blues. After the crazy polar vortex it has me looking at flights for warm places. Anyone else? :)

On one of the coldest nights in January, a few gals invaded a local hotspot for dinner and drinks. It reminded me of why that’s so important to do. It wasn’t complicated-just some gals (some old friends, some new) sharing, connecting, and laughing. Thankful for a community of talented, fun women that I can chat with about anything from business to babies and everything in between.

Doug and I went to Grand Rapids Civic Theatre for their Agatha Christie production And Then There Were None. My favorite part? Running into a dear friend of Doug’s mom who Doug has known since he was a little boy. I love chance meetings…it was so nice to chat with this sweet lady.

I went to my first Podcast Club meeting. It’s similar to book club but there’s no specific podcast we have to listen to beforehand. Essentially, everyone just shares the ones they have been listening to/inspired by lately. It was extremely helpful because starting a new podcast that holds thousands of episodes can be intimidating. It was nice to have people say this one is great, these specific episodes are GOLD. Abby hosted us who is just the most lovely, kind, chic individual on the planet. She went all out on brunch for us and was the sweetest host. This is her adorable dog Denzel…brunch/cool women/podcasts/cute dog? I’m all in.

My friend Abby and I went to a local market to shop around and conquer our grocery lists. She brought her son Otto who made the trip even more fun. He’s a happy, jabbering, animated miracle. If you don’t already, follow her on Instagram and check out her story highlight about his story. It’s humbling to see how God has worked in and through his little life.

I launched a fun new series with my friend Kherington called Sincerely Currently! We are going to post once a month showing clothing items being styled different ways. We wanted to highlight our similarities (we often unintentionally buy the same items) and differences (style, picks, body type, perspective) since all women wear and style items differently. Excited to bring more fun content with this talented blogger babe. Check out our first post here!

After being shut-in for so many days with the crazy polar vortex (followed directly after with an ice storm and power that was going in and out) we decided we need to break our chain of cabin fever. We took Paisley with us and ran some errands. It was cold, snowy, and slow going but it felt so good to be out in the sunshine. After a romp through Rebel here in Grand Rapids, Pais decided she was done walking on ice so Doug carried her around for the rest of our wandering ;)

That’s it for this update. I hope you all had a great beginning to your 2019. Hi March, we ready for you…