Sincerely C U R R E N T L Y | Gigi Pip Hat

2019 marks the start of a fun new series. Buckle up friends.

So excited to bring you a new series: Sincerely C U R R E N T L Y. I am teaming up with my girl Kherington who is the creative talent behind the blog/brand Currently Kherington. If you don’t know her already, she is a blogger, social media maven, wife, mama, and taco enthusiast. We met through the wonderful world of blogging and became fast friends.

We have wanted to partner together somehow since we met and finally came up with the right idea to do it. Sincerely C U R R E N T L Y will be a fashion focused series that showcases how to style the same piece different ways. We have both done this type of post on our own blogs, but thought it would be fun to do it in tandem. We often have a good laugh because unintentionally, we will purchase the same items. This is especially ironic considering we have different styles, approaches, body types etc.

With this series, we wanted to show how the same item or accessory could be utilized regardless of what your personal vibe or look might be. Not only do we hope this will inspire you to think about your wardrobe differently, but also show how purchasing great statement pieces can help you get more miles out of your closet.

First up: the Gigi Pip Scottie Gray hat!

You all know my deep and true love for Gigi Pip hats. I love wide, stiff brim and these hats deliver every single time. I’m on a mission to make sure that everyone has one of their hats? Hey, when you’re in love you want to tell the world ;)

Kherington and I both purchased this one at a soft launch party for The Counting House here in Grand Rapids. I was thrilled to see that they were carrying my beloved hats and knew that one had to come home with me. I chose this gray one as all of my others are either black or some kind of neutral. Needless to say, Kherington and I ended up with the same hat so we figured this would be the perfect first installment of our series!


If I had a Gigi Pip hat for every time someone said “I’m not a hat person”, well I’d at least have the entire collection! I think that’s why I’m so excited about this series together, not just because we ARE hat people, but to encourage others to be confident in their personal style + rock trends their own way. Even though we have the exact same hat {purchased on the same day - shout-out to The Counting House} we were able to dress it up + dress it down. When you can get serious mileage out of one piece, especially if you have to invest in it, that’s true style to me!


I love how Kherington styled her hat. She paired it with some amazing raw hem denim (she found them on a crazy deal which makes them even greater), a pale pink turtleneck, grey striped overcoat, white windowpane scarf, and some great statement earrings. As usual with the outfits she puts together, it was edgy but approachable, fashionable but cozy all at the same time.


I love an ‘unexpected’ hat moment…there’s something about them with a look that is more polished that brings a kind of playfulness that I’m here for. I love this shift dress that I got for a wedding last year and am always looking for other ways to wear it. It has gold accents which is what you see first, but the general foundation of it is a slate gray. I figured this would be the perfect pairing to bring a bit more levity to an otherwise dressy-dress. My favorite coat and oxfords finished the look.

I hope you enjoyed the first round of our Sincerely C U R R E N T L Y series. Share your thoughts and the different ways you’re styling the hats in your life using #sincerelycurrently! See you next time…