A Lunch at The Fed

After drooling over it on Instagram for too long, we decided to make the trip.

My friend Abby and I have been equally obsessed with The Fed Community ever since it showed it’s pretty self on Instagram. We both follow/fangirl over its owner Sarah, who has such an eye for making everything lovely and charming. I love the way she shares moments of her life within her online community.

Abby had to head to Detroit so we planned a lunch detour in Clarkston. We were both so excited to pull up to the vine covered brick building in the heart of town. From top to bottom the space is beautiful. Every detail from the mismatched antique silverware to the stunning bathroom melted together to create a truly visual experience. I love when restaurants have some hearty character (ya know, like an entire room that’s a booth or the fact that there’s a wall made up of old safe deposit boxes). We ordered a bottle of wine, some of the truffle fries, and some tempura sweet and sour cauliflower. We ate, drank, and enjoyed the view.

If you’re heading to the Detroit area anytime soon make sure to add an afternoon in Clarkston to your list. From what we saw the town itself was really cute; I would love to go back there and do some exploring.

Y’all, sometimes you just have to go to that adorable spot you keep dreaming about online and experience it in real life. It might just live up to the hype in the best way.