You Are Enough.

Am I the only one who sometimes finds it easy to get lost in the pursuit of my purpose? 


There are parts of what we do in accomplishing this that seem so intrinsic...they are part of us, they come out naturally. But, other times I feel like it can be a daunting and overwhelming search. The chase for finding exactly how to live out who we are meant to be isn't always a simple task. Questions of what should I be doing? Am I doing enough? How am I changing the world? 

In these moments, I try to be still so I can hear the most precious words from my Father...YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

sincerely ashley | you-are-enough

I have come to find that these words not only bring comfort but motivation. It doesn't give you license to stop developing or reaching for your full potential, but there is such beauty there. Grace, sweet grace.

There is a calming peace knowing that He is using us even in the smallest ways to impact the world. It's easy to forget this when it doesn't feel like we are affecting change in really large, noticeable, your face on a magazine talking about how wonderful you are kind of ways. It's the simple things: the friend you helped through a tough situation, the stranger you complimented, the words of life you spoke over your spouse. 

I love that God finds us extraordinarily whole in His eyes. That each morning His grace is there waiting with open arms. That he promises, "Forget the alert, I am doing something brand new." 

Praying this over all of you today friends...that this will reach someone that might need to hear it. That it could provide encouragement for someone like it has for me. Thinking especially about some lovely women I have chatted with lately who are in the midst of launching their adventure/starting something new...