A Summer With Hush Puppies | Beginning

Haute with Hush Puppies is my slogan this summer. 

Imagine the perfect pair of heels. They look beautiful, fit well, and ALERT THE PRESSES: are comfortable. Goodbye weird sticky inserts, you have been replaced. Goodbye walking down the street barefoot at the end of the night (we know that's probs gross) there's no more need.

Excitingly, I get to tell you that these illusive heels exist. Even better: they come in various styles and are really affordable.

This summer I am partnering with Hush Puppies to bring you a new pair of shoes each month. I am going to be styling them with different outfits to show you various ways to wear the same pair but have a different look. 

Hush Puppies sent me this first pair for the Sweet Frances event a few weeks ago. They were the perfect accessory to my flowy dress and remained comfy the entire evening (praise hands emoji). Will be posting my official "June" pair and accompanying outfits at the end of this week! Stay tuned babes.

Since I already wore these with a dress for an event, I wanted to do a more casual look. For this particular afternoon I was going to coffee with a friend and then dinner with Doug. I chose simple dark denim, a flowy mint top, and (duh) straw hat. It was a low maintenance ensemble that allowed the shoes to be the showstopper. 

sincerely ashley | hush-puppies-heels
sincerely ashley | hush-puppies-heels
sincerely ashley | hush-puppies-heels
sincerely ashley | hush-puppies-heels

Check out the "Reyna Mariska" here. Your feet will love you for it...can't wait to share the next pair with you! Thanks to Tyler from Wendling & Boyd for the photos.