Gala Shoot | Venue 3 Two

Channeling all of the Vanity Fair/Oscar portraits/editorial vibes we could…

I had the honor of doing a shoot at Venue 3 Two that had a gala theme. It’s the perfect space for it…rich finishes, whimsical wallpaper, and a hint of 20’s art deco in every room. We conceptualized for a while trading ideas, potential vendors, and a mood board to define what we were going for.

We had an amazing time blasting some music and snapping photos throughout this special property. The people, the hair/makeup, the dresses…all a delight. Especially this Doug gent who was added last minute after one of the other guys wasn’t able to make it. He was thrilled to make his ‘modeling’ debut :)

Here’s a little taste of the fun. Enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who made this shoot possible:

VENUE: Venue 3 Two | @venue3two
They’re just gems. I have sung their praises in past posts. For this particular shoot, our event coordinator was TJ who is the most chic, kindhearted, creative gal.

Nicole | @nicolemrauch
Marietta | @marietta18
Kamilah | @kamilahdiondra
Kylee | @ablondegypsy
Morgan | @lee_mcdermott
Ant | @antinpant
Doug | @thedougknight

HAIR: Cassie | @hairycass
She’s so good. She whipped out all of the model’s hair with everything from up-dos to full glamour curls. PROPS.

MAKEUP: Josh | @jt_mua
This guy. Such a sweet, positive soul and uber talented; he creates the most stunning looks. The best part? His calming energy and serious makeup skills make all of his clients feel seen and beautiful.

DRESSES: Ali Nicole Bridal | @alinicolebridal & Second Dance GR | @seconddancegr
A huge thank you to these local businesses for generously loaning us gowns for the day. The girls were thrilled to be wearing these lace, sequin, chiffon gems.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Your girl & my friend Darline | @darlineandco
I worked on this fun project with Darline Rodriguez who is a creative, deft photographer. We had the best time bouncing ideas off each other while capturing this group in action.

Anyone ready for round 2?


We partnered with the lovely staff at Venue 3 Two for this shoot but all thoughts are my own.