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Give me a good statement necklace

Anyone else loving this new questions feature on Instagram? It’s a fun way to connect with your audience and learn about the people you follow. One of the common questions I have received is “what are staples that everyone should have?” While the question is probably pointed more towards clothing, statement necklaces are always on my list.

I wear statement necklaces with everything from a more formal dress to a t-shirt. They help an outfit look pulled together and ‘finished’ when in reality, you just put a necklace on. Quick tip: when I’m wearing one, I usually skip anything else-no earrings, no bracelets, no watch. Embrace your inner Coco Chanel and let these beauties stand on their own.

The term will mean something different to each person. For some, a longer beaded necklace might feel like a lot while other people might wear multiple strings of them at one time. Identify what you’re comfortable with (and what you will actually get use out of) and go for it. Regardless of your personal style, the reason that I think they’re an important staple is that they can elevate any outfit. Throw a statement over anything and they will take it from here (imagine hand down low) to here (imagine hand above my head).

I wanted to show how these necklaces can truly complete your look. What better than using Vicki Hughes’ line to do that? An artist at heart, she conceptualizes eye catching and distinct pieces. After seeing her on Instagram, I knew she would be the perfect maker for this concept.


When I was wandering through Vicki’s website, this little baby caught my eye. Everything from the chunky knotted rope to the wood beads that separated the top and bottom layers screamed statement. Vicki kindly made me a custom one so I embraced my pink moment and had her do a pink on pink color scheme with plain beads (she also hand paints them because she’s just cool like that).

I have worn this beauty with very different looks and it transitions well. From a nautical look (blue and white stripe button down tank + white shorts) to a more casual vibe (jeans, graphic tee + mules) it’s always the star of the show. For this look, we were headed to an event and I wanted to wear this pinky chiffon dress. After trying/removing other accessory options the ah-ha kicked in and I grabbed my Arlo. It was the perfect finishing touch…while I wouldn’t have envisioned these two together they made a fun pairing.

You can shop the Arlo here. It’s also on sale right now=hooray!


People who know me know that one of my favorite colors is mint. There’s something calming but playful about it which made it perfect for the whimsical design. Ironically, I don’t wear a lot of it so I liked the idea of having a statement necklace that featured this tone. I asked for a neutral colored tassel vs. the black (just because I wear black a lot so wanted the tassels to stand out). The entire necklace is handmade and the square bead that centers this piece is hand painted by Vicki. This gal is the real deal.

I love a longer necklace; this one is especially effortless. On this particular day we were heading to the farmer’s market and then out for lunch. I chose a khaki jumpsuit and crisp white oxford. I polished off the outfit with my favorite shoes, wide brim hat, and the Hazel for a pop of color. I got stopped at the market by people asking if I had gotten my necklace there or at a local shop. It was fun to share a bit about Vicki and her unique creation.

You can shop this minty dream here.

THE HAZEL (Round 2, Ivory)

I couldn’t help it, I have two Hazels in my life. This ivory version got me. I’m here for most variations of black and white. It has the same overall design and hand painted bead as the Mint version with the nylon cording in black and the rest in shades of white and ivory. Each one of these necklaces is one of a kind…in a world of fast fashion and faster accessories this is particularly significant. I felt like I had gotten a small piece of Vicki’s collection…love.

I decided to stay in the same color family and go with black and white linen pants (some of my faves from Anthropologie where Vicki also works as a Visual Manager…Anthros are like galleries so this makes total sense). I paired the pants with a black puff sleeve shirt and white mules. The simplicity of the look allowed the necklace to really sing. Grabbed my backpack and I was good for our gigantic list of errands.

You can buy this version of the Hazel here.

Keep the statement necklace movement going friends. Speaking of, Vicki recently came out with some new pieces that showcase even more of her creativity. This gal’s imagination and talent knows no bounds. Keep an eye on her social media for all the magic!

INSTAGRAM: @shopfromatov | @by_vhughes


I partnered with the lovely Vicki Hughes of From A to V on this post but all thoughts are my own.