These shoes are made for walking...


Living the foot selfie life.


If any of you follow me on Instagram, you know that this gal loves a good foot selfie. Do I have a love for flooring? 100%. But, my reasoning for taking these photos in my daily life and when we travel goes beyond that.

Maya Angelou's has a autobiographical series including a book called All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes. It examines a portion of her life living in Africa before returning to the states. The concept of traveling shoes has always stuck with me. How these shoes are what carry us through the travel and adventure of life itself. These simple foot selfies (usually just taken on my phone) represent memories, places I have gone, and people I have connected with. I am able to think about my own time in that space, but also all of the people who have walked through that spot before me...their stories. These photos help me recall a kind store owner, silly dinner with Doug, or the normal but important tenor of everyday life. 

Wanted to share the philosophy behind all of my foot selfies with you. The next time you're out, look at your own traveling shoes and think about what they represent: adventures while vacationing with family...your favorite shop...the streets of your community (and then grab that phone and capture it. Yes, you will feel like a weirdo at first).

Friends, I am honored that you are following along on the adventure of these traveling shoes. Thank you.