Kinfolk Cocktails at Rendezvous

It's Cosmos hour. 

Rendezvous is a great cocktail lounge in the Amway Grand. It's a crisp, modern lounge that invites you to sit down and enjoy the art of a drink. The atmosphere is chic but welcoming. My friend Tyler purchased The Kinfolk Entrepreneur from a local bookstore that day so we went to enjoy some lifestyle goodness over cocktails.

We sipped on our drinks, admired the contents of the book, and geeked out about various elements of design and culture. Tyler stayed the course and ordered a Negroni while I chose the "Uptown Cosmopolitan" (consisting of lime, simple syrup, cointreau, stoli, and sparkling wine...amazingly good). 


Clean. Modern. Intriguing.


Chatting. Kinfolk. Cocktails. 

If you need a destination for a girls' night out, business meeting, or your next brunch, give this place a try. Any place you can make a custom cheese/charcuterie plate is a winner in my book.