Like The Morton Salt Girl

LORELAI: I want these boots.

LUKE: Those are work boots.

LORELAI: They're yellow and cute. I'll look like the Morton Salt girl.

I love this scene in Gilmore girls. She's right also, the boots were totally cute. 


We have had some rainy, dreary days in Michigan lately. Snuggle in with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket kind of days (+a good book). Running from your car into Target while it's pouring can be inconvenient, but the umbrellas/rainboots/rainjackets can be real cute. Love me some good rain fashion...

Animals hide, we settle into our homes, and trees stand ominously tall in the face of it all. But there's more to rain than meets the eye. It's cleansing. There is always a palpable energy in the air after a night of rain. Yep, there will be puddles and the ground will be muddy, but there is new life...greener, hydrated ground...energized creation peeking their heads out after the storm. 

Rain is so connected to our lives too. It gives us pause and there is so much value there. Sometimes we need to hunker down, dig in, and allow ourselves a minute of cover. Solitude. Meditation. It isn't always convenient but there is renewal that comes from those moments of reflection. Just like the earth after a good rain, we emerge with a different perspective on life, a more hydrated soul, and energized mindset as we peek our heads out. 

Back to styling in the rain...on this particular day I went with jeans, rain boots, a little crew sweatshirt (with the cutest pocket detail), and a yellow raincoat. I saw it in the store, channeled my inner Lorelai, and said, I would look like the MORTON SALT GIRL. 



Jacket: Wilson Leather (it's not leather, but they have a small section of other coats) 
Sweatshirt: Anthropologie Patched Pullover
Shirt: Nordstom Rack Tank
Jeans: Gap Factory Skimmers
Rainboots: Hunters (aka love of my life)

Thanks for wandering around in the marsh with me and snapping these photos Kristin Jones!