Easter Baskets Anyone?

Bust out your easter eggs people...

Easter is about a week away so thought I would share some basket inspiration! I actually didn't grow up with the tradition of Easter baskets but my husband did. All throughout his childhood, he would receive thoughtful, sweet baskets from his mom (she is an amazing gift giver in general). Since we got married, I have taken on the tradition so that he still gets a basket each year. 

Below are some suggestions for items I often use in baskets for the loves in my life (prepare yourself for a bunch of links)...


It's fun to get creative in terms of the actual basket that you use. In the pictures below I include some of the potentials for this year from a Nate Berkus canvas I found in the baby section to the Target dollar section baskets with yarn tassels. 

Tip: Trader Joe's does a mystery pack around the holidays. You buy a pack for $3 and get 3 bags from all over the country. In general, reusable bags are an affordable/unique way to deliver a gift whether it's Easter or not. 

Here are a few items that will be going in Doug's basket this year. Guys are fun to put these together for. Other ideas include candy of choice, grooming kits, multi-tool, t-shirt from favorite sports team, tie/pocket square...

  • SOCKS: Pair of Thieves-Doug's all time favorites. He wears a pair of their socks on a daily basis. 
  • REUSABLE SNACK BAGS: Keep Leaf-show the environment some love! 
  • WHISKEY: Gray Skies Distillery-delicious spirits in the most gorgeous bottles.

It's fun to gather items for the women in your tribe. I like identifying something that 'looks like' the person I have in mind. Lots of options so I split it into three groupings. 


  • GARDENING GLOVES: V&A-got them at TJMaxx for $5 (yaaas)
  • FLASK: Give Studio-based in Holland, MI they make the most adorable flasks with great messages on them from "Liquid Courage" to "Pass The Hooch". Anne who is the designer and life behind the brand is an insanely cool woman which makes you feel good about supporting her company. 
  • MATCHES: Rebel Reclaimed-it's something great so makes sense it would be from Rebel.
  • NOTEPADS: Rifle Paper-one of my favorite brands. All of their products have the most feminine, etherial feel (who isn't a sucker for a good floral print). 
  • NECKLACE: Target



  • NOTEBOOK: Target
  • LINT ROLLER: Flint-I get mine at Paper Plus in East-this is one of my new favorite items. It's a compact, retractable lint roller. I have them in my car/at my desk/in my purse and love sharing this little find with family and friends. 
  • ROSE: White Girl Rose-juuuust so good.
  • FIRST AID KIT: Oh Joy for Target-I like getting people practical things like this little kit filled with all kinds of first aid-y goodies.
  • NECKLACE: Third and Co Studio 
  • GIFT CARD: Starbucks

I hope this gives you the jump start you need for Easter or just an upcoming nifty gifty you need to buy. Feel free to shoot me any questions about these items and also fill me in on what you put in your baskets!