Is it all? Or nothing at all? 


We went to an O-Town concert last week. Yep, like Making the Band//All or Nothing//Baby I Would, O-Town. This marks our 4th concert to date (bring on 5). #4 was in Pontiac so the BFF Jill and I took a little road trip. I have actually never been there before; they had a cute little downtown area which made for a fun pre-concert afternoon. 

At this point we know the drill. Grab a beer, stand in line, chat with some strangers...there's always a fun energy in the air which I love. It's also good chat time/people watching for me and one of my favorite ladies.

sincerely ashley | jill

Dudes KNOW HOW TO PUT ON A SHOW. Little dancing, little chatting, and in-sane vocals. Their concerts are always really upbeat and interactive...an experience for the audience. I feel like they are super connected to their fans and it shows. 

Important sidebar: Trevor wore a U of M tank. I was screaming Go Blue when he came on stage #HAIL


One of my favorite newer songs is called Lines and Circles. They've explained the soul behind it during their shows. It represents a lot:

  • The 10 years they were disconnected (10=a line and a circle)
  • How scientifically everything in this world is made up of lines and circles
  • Their logo/graphic design perspective of an O with a line underneath which visually is not only a line and a circle but when flipped is another 10 

So please tell me we can leave this all behind
Nothing's ever lost that we can't find
Crashing into you at the speed of light
'Cause in the end baby we're just lines and circles...

I thought about this on the way home. How we are all made up of lines and circles. How the world...any design or object that we see or hold these elements. For them, it seems to represent time, space, how things aren't lost but sometimes just need to be renewed. I like this visualization. Like me, I'm sure there is something or someone in your life that you have 'lost' along the way. Somehow, we are still connected to these pieces of ourselves through invisible lines...memories that serve as landmarks as we circle back.

I like how it takes the physical-lines, shapes and marries it with the intellectual...the soul. I like when music makes me think so thanks for that boys.

sincerely ashley | otown-concert

Soooo make your way to one of their next shows. They're rad and you won't be disappointed. After 'All or Nothing' (always the last song) we road tripped home (singing, naturally).

Now, to just get them to come to Grand Rapids...I mean they're beer fans. How can they not?