Empowered Babes Meet-Up | 2

Last night was the second Empowered Babes Meet-Up! 

A bunch of amazing babes grabbed a bottle of wine and came out for the second Empowered Babes Meet-Up. We chatted about life, snapped photos, and drank some good wine. It's awakening to intentionally connect with people in a judgement free, happy setting. 

Some things we learned last night: 

  • The window and window seat in my office provide great lighting for pictures #instagramlife
  • Tyler from Wendling & Boyd can style the H out of a charcuterie plate (and anything else #pineapple/pinecone)
  • How to be a good Instagram Pod member #pod
  • Meredith from Tiny Bits of Happiness should just write everything in the world #omg


If you don't know, Empowered Babes Empowering Babes is a Facebook group started by Kristin Jones that has come to life. It's all about individuals connecting, encouraging each other, and creating community both online and in-person. It's everything from asking a question about social media to sharing wins in business. Women from across the country are connecting and IT'S GREAT (Oprah yelling).

Picture of me taken by Tyler Wendling (site linked above).

If you would like to join the group, you can find it here. Come hang out!