Lately | End of October 2018

What’s the haps…or what’s the [insert whatever the cool kids say these days].

Just a little life update from the last couple weeks of October. Really can’t believe that it’s already November…and starting to get dark at 5ish. But, that means all of the holiday magic is right around the corner so woohoo for that.


When we went to Idaho earlier this month to visit family, my niece Ava painted my toenails. She chose pink and purple polish with glitter-a bold choice. The day we got back I had forgotten about our at home pedi situation and went to an event wearing open toe shoes. Kindly, someone complimented me saying, “Glitter polish is so in right now.” My toes might look a little wild but love the sweet time I got to spend with our only niece.


Thankful for some great co-working sessions. They bring a lot of perspective and allow creativity to run free. It’s easy as a freelancer to feel like you’re floating on an island sometimes so it’s great to be able to work with other people who have similar schedules. Give me some coffeehouse jams/yummy tea/a cozy sweater all day.


When Frederick Meijer Gardens has a mum wall, you go. A couple friends and I headed there one afternoon to snap some photos by the Instagram-worthy spot. After our mini photo session we wandered the grounds…I couldn’t pass up a photo of the bright red and orange beauties sprinkling the ground.


We went to Chicago last weekend to celebrate my nephew Grant’s 8th birthday. The fact that he is 8, reading chapter books, and doing things like homework continues to amaze me (and make me feel old). He’s a wonderful little person: loves trains, thinks thoughtfully, looks dashing in glasses, and is such a special part of our family. Happy Birthday Mr. Grant, I feel lucky to be your Auntie.


Happy Halloween from Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky. After watching this rom-com on Netflix juuust a few times, I knew that we had to recreate these characters. Why? Well because 1. it was so cool to see Asians represented in media and 2. Noah who plays Peter is just about the most charming person on the planet other than Mr. Handsome. Finding the lacrosse stick we played catch with in college/a $3 pair of knee socks later, we were ready to rock.


A few pals and I tried Marcona on Lyon the other day. We covered everything from the difficulty of finding the perfect jacket when you have a dream one in mind to the need for more connection within the creative community. Thankful to know such smart, talented, real women. Postscript-get the fried cauliflower…ohmygosh.


This past Saturday, Dougie ‘ran’ a .1k for his work. A former patient of theirs passed away from Muscular Dystrophy and his family organizes .1k runs in his honor. Miss Paisley and I went to watch and enjoy a beautiful morning with some meaning. The race took over Bridge Street in the best way. It was great to watch so many people come out to raise support and awareness for such an important cause. After the race, we took Pais out on the town. She was thrilled to cozy up in an igloo at Outside Coffee and help Shop Reservoir celebrate their first birthday.

Hope you enjoyed this mini life update. It was a full and lovely end to October. What were the peak/pits for you?