I Carry Your Heart | Josh + Kherington Anniversary

Oh my goodness with these two...

I have had the privilege of getting to know Kherington over the course of this year. She's a fierce, kind, and animated individual who I am proud to call a friend.

It was great to get to hang some more with the Instagram Husband himself, Josh while we did this shoot. The two have the greatest vibe when they interact...my favorite? That they genuinely laugh when they are together.  At one point, Kherington reminded Josh of a text she had sent him earlier. He burst out laughing at just the thought of it and had to tell me her joke (which by the way, was freaking funny). Interactions like that remind me how love stories live and breathe. Life doesn't always look like a fairy tale, but love is formed in those beautiful moments of normalcy...laughing over a joke, talking about your day, or even getting dressed up to share a milkshake in a cute diner. 

Happy 7th Anniversary friends. Praying you enjoy many more! 


Because they are the coolest, make sure you connect with them! Kherington's blog Currently Kherington holds anything from styling tips to life as a busy mama. You can find Josh and his DJ'ing business here (yep, he's a DJ...because remember how I told you they are the coolest?!)