A Summer With Hush Puppies | August

Haute with Hush Puppies is my slogan this summer. 

August is always one of my favorite months of the year. Beautiful weather, fun summer events, and when we're lucky, some cooler nights that beg for bonfires and hint that fall is around the corner. Another month gone by calls for more Hush Puppies! They have been around since 1958! Their focus is on creating products that are timeless, good quality, and comfortable...you had me at timeless.

Hush Puppies is now a global name that sells millions of shoes each year. They are one brand of Wolverine Worldwide which is based in Rockford, MI. Yas, Michigan yaaaaas (think Oprah voice...which fun fact: Oprah loves Hush Puppies)!

For August, I am featuring the Claudia Catelyn booties. Around this time of year, I'm starting to think about booties again so this pair from their fall line was perfect. Don't know about you but when that cooler weather hits I LIVE in booties. This pair is perfect from the cute cutouts to the short zipper along the inside. Aside from being a-dorable to look at, they have that signature padding that makes them so comfy to wander in. Already envisioning them in an apple orchard/pumpkin patch/tromping through brilliantly colored leaves. Three different looks with them below! 


Like I was saying, one of my favorite things is when the weather is just starting to change. The days are still warm but nights are chilly. Sidebar: if you want to live in this essentially year around head to southern California. Our best friend Mark lives in San Diego and whenever we visit the weather is just like this=IDEAL. One of my go-tos for half and half weather is a sweater or jacket paired with shorts. It allows you to feel like you're still summer-ing but is a nice change up from all of your sleeveless tops. For this look, I wore my favorite white linen shorts and thinner sweater with some cute typeface (it was the deal of the decade by the way at $2). Booties are great with outfits like this as they add some polish to the aesthetic that flips or sandals can't. Make sure to add a dash of color with a fun bandana, easy long necklace, or statement earrings. 


A good maxi is one of my favorites for this 'winding-down' part of summer. I found this beautiful teal one and had to give it a home...the back detail alone people. I loved the booties with this. I often feel like whatever shoes you wear with a slouchier maxi get lost but these held their own with the dress. Easy, comfortable, and perfect for a date night or brunch on a patio. 


The easiest of fall fashion is a great pair of jeans, cute top, and utility jacket. Key word being jacket. I have jackets of this style in tan, a darker camel tan, green, pink, black, and navy. A bit obsessed, but they are some of my most worn items in fall and winter. They are the bow on top for a great shift dress or jeans and simple top like this outfit. The booties were a great match with the casual jeans and this fall-y look. Effortless style that you feel confident in is my favorite. 

Moral of today's stories: embrace the [oncoming] fall and buy the booties. Your feet and wardrobe will thank you. Thanks to power babes Kristin Jones and Joanna Dreiling for taking these photos and the fun afternoon. Inspired by you both.