Kimono Arigato, Mr. Roboto

STYX reference anyone? Thank youuuuu...


A friend and I were recently chatting about when we feel at our best outfit wise. You know there's that one piece or type of clothing you feel the most YOU in. Maybe you have a go-to little black dress, love how you look in a certain color, or live in v-necks + accessories. Whatever it is, when you identify it, there's some extra sass in your step (and comfort with your body image and mentally). 

For both of us, an item that rose to the top were kimonos. Thank goodness they're hugely popular right now! I find them so easy to style-they pack a punch even when paired with the simplest basics. Math was never my strong suit but kimono + shift dress, kimono + great tee/jeans, kimono + bathing suit...that's arithmetic that I'm down with. 

I fell in love with this airy one mostly due to the vibrant colors. I was envisioning it lightly blowing in the wind as I walked the streets of Greece (does anyone else do this with clothes or I'm just bizarre, okay great)...but it also works when running into the grocery store for milk #reallife :) 

Enjoy all the hair touching in the photos below. I mean, it was windy but still...a lot of hair touching by this lady (two thumbs, straight at me). Thanks to Tyler from Wendling & Boyd and Ray from Ray Anne Barker for these images and the co-working session! 



Kimono: Anthropologie Sunlight Silk
Shirt: Nordstrom Rack (Out of stock but I like this one!) 
Pants: Gap Factory Skimmers 
Shoes: Charlotte Russe Flats (Old but these are very similar)