Impromptu Coffee For The Soul

Remember those books Chicken Soup for the ______ Soul? 

Teenagers, athletes, moms, dog lovers...could all page through stories and anecdotes tailored for them. 

To me, [impromptu] coffee dates are the living, breathing, new chicken soup for the soul. They gather people together, provide warmth, and breathe new life into tired days and tired-er souls (tired-er is a word right?) SURE. 

I grabbed coffee this afternoon with Tyler from Wendling & Boyd. Our schedules happened to align while we were both in the middle of Grand Rapids. We journaled, laughed, and thought our ways through life, things for our blogs, and our day. That Early Bird served as the little habitat that facilitated our coffee drinking/little work session. 

Grab a friend or just take yourself to a coffeeshop. Soak in the quiet energy of entrepreneurs, remote worker warriors, and dreamers. It's beautiful.


Pictures of me taken by Wendling & Boyd (thanks)!