Christmas Procrastinators Unite


T-minus three days...are you ready?


I think that stockings are such a fun part of Christmas. To me, it represents the concept of how significant the little things are. These tiny treasures often hold so much meaning...they show how small items can connect with who you are and the things you enjoy. 

In this spirit, I am sharing some stocking stuffer ideas for both the gents and gals in your life. A lot of the items in each could be enjoyed by either but wanted to give you an idea of the items I will do for both groups of people.


  • Field Notes-I love all of the Field notes but knew Doug would love these with the Chicago flag on them. I purchased these locally from Premier in Grand Rapids but you can find them online as well. They make the perfect little traveling companion for quick thoughts or coffeeshop meetings.

  • Sea Salt Hand Cream-Love this stuff. Especially this time of year I feel like a travel hand cream is a must for everyone.

  • Poo-Pourri-Self explanatory. More for a laugh than anything (although the practical use of it is greaaat).

  • Luggage Tag-I got this at a little shop in Wisconsin where some of our family lives...I like when items are fairly on the nose and this totally did that for me. There are so many great tags online and in stores (Target has had some really cute ones lately) that make the perfect stocking filler for the travelers on your list.

  • Shinola Planner-Doug has the leather notebook holder so figured this being the same size would be some good fuel for his growing Shinola obsession.

  • Wondermade Flavored Marshmallows-The cutest packaging holding flavored marshmallows. For any sweet tooth, their choice of flavors is a fun surprise vs. typical holiday candy.

  • Mr. Keychain-I got this at Rebel in Grand Rapids...aaaand maybe got myself the Mrs. one because, ofcourseIdid. From silly messages to characters from their favorite movie franchise, keychains are a fun way to get something personal for the stockings you're stuffing.


  • Salt and Pepper Shakers-I got these blush beauties at Bailey and James in Rockford. I think that Salt and Pepper shakers are such a great, affordable way to spice (GETTHAT?) up any stocking.

  • Rifle Paper Coasters-Who doesn't need a little Rifle in their life. These paper coasters are just as beautiful as her other products. They come in a cute little box which is perfect for wrapping.

  • Journal-Rebel to the rescue, again. Loved the feel, color, and pages of this one. I don't think you can go wrong with a journal or notebook. With the design variety, you are able to tailor what you get to appeal to an interest or aesthetic of theirs.

  • Makeup Brushes-Loved the whimsy aspect of these brushes from Sonia Kashuk. Most babes in your life probably use some kind of makeup brushes and those same people probably hate having to buy them...

  • Mousepad-Somewhat didn't even know that mousepads are still a thing but thought the print of this one was so good it doesn't need to have function if it doesn't want to.

  • Neck Scarf-I'm having a neck scarf/bandana moment. This one is from Horrocks interestingly enough. You can find them anywhere but kind of in love with these Pendleton ones.

  • Anthropologie Earrings-Love these emerald fanned drop earrings. Great to dress up or down...they also come in a few other great colors. Because every stocking needs a dash of fancy.

I hope this list gives you some good ideas for your last minute stocking stuffer shopping trip. Whatever you end up getting, remember that gifts are love personified into tangible items and you can't go wrong. Wishing you so much holiday joy in this home stretch!