"What are you wearing to the wedding?"


Convinced this is the most asked question between people who are attending a wedding...


When you're a guest at a wedding, it can be tough to figure out what to wear. You want to make sure that you are fitting in with the vibe of the wedding itself while maintaining your style identity. While you don't change how you would dress based on the wedding's aesthetic, there should be a difference between what you wear to a wedding that is black-tie-banquet-hall-ballroom-ness vs. in an outdoor-casual-setting-reception-in-a-restored-barn-ness. 

Our dear friends Steve and Kari got married last weekend (more to come on that) and I could not figure out what to wear. It's October in the midwest so you could either get 90 degrees and sunny or 40 degrees and raining which added to my confusion. I finally landed on this dress from Free People. I fell in love with the embroidery along with the color combo which screamed fall to me. It is my new fave-full of life with the little ruffle at the bottom and has the prettiest details (like the tie in the back...too cute). 


Dress: Free People
Shoes: My ride or dies...I literally have 4 pairs of them. I can't find them again anywhere. Maybe have called the corporate office of Nine West, maybe have done hours of searching on ebay/poshmark/etc. If you see these anywhere, let me know! Friends that have borrowed them are equally obsessed and we would all be eternally grateful.

Thanks to Kristin Jones for these photos. YAY for weddings and pretty dresses and the weekend and you.