Week of Velvet: Thursday


When it comes to this velvet trend? I am ALL IN.


When you recruit your husband to do some outfit photos, the following happens: 

  • You aimlessly drive around looking for a fun spot to take photos. While in the car you listen to the Hamilton soundtrack but when it starts to lightly snow, you put on Frank Sinatra Christmas.
  • As you look, he suggests things like how about that concrete yard (gated) or how about that dumpster over there (you're cute, but I don't think so). 
  • You find yourself in Grandville and he start speaking about the 'castle building' that is under construction because he is fascinated by its sheer size. He says, 'let's go check that out...' and again, because he's cute, you go. 
  • As you pull into the construction site, you laugh as he suggests you might find a spot in there to take photos.
  • You drive around the massive building trying to analyze the architecture for what each space and corner will be when complete. 
  • To your surprise and his glee, you find a to-be parking garage that is the perfect contrast to your light, feminine outfit. 
  • You take pictures there. You take breaks to explore and laugh about the setting. You eat a little crow for dismissing his idea. He doesn't gloat, he just snaps some photos and says, I think you look pretty in here. MELT.
  • The end.

THURSDAY=Blush Velvet Pleated Skirt

Yep, some more blush, but couldn't pass on this crushed velvet pleated wonder. It's a little longer length 

  • DRESS UP: For these photos I paired the skirt with a long sleeve blush blouse for a monochromatic look. It has a tie around the neck but I also added a faux fur collar scarf for extra drama. My go-to heels were the finishing touch. 
  • DRESS DOWN: I think this skirt would be great with a tucked-in graphic tee, slouchy sweater, and hat. 

Thankful that these pictures represent an afternoon of wandering with my favorite human. It's beyond empowering when your spouse not only supports your dreams, but will hang at a chilly construction site to help you pursue them. Love you Mr. Handsome.


Skirt: A New Day Velvet Skirt 
Shirt: Older but found similar ones here and here
Scarf: Banana Republic Faux (they also have another option with more color options)
Heels: The illusive Nine West heels I am obsessed with, of course but similar ones here and here)