Travel Tips: Airport-What To Wear

Your styling guide for the airport...


I am always fascinated to see what people wear in the airport. You get everything from someone in pajama pants (pull yourself together) to a full power suit and heels. Regardless if you lean towards the sporty spice or a more formal option, the importance is the utility and comfort of what you're wearing.

Thought I would share some clothing tips with you for the next time you're wheels up...

One of the standard outfits I will wear in the airport is a basic tank top, pair of black joggers, and comfortable flats. Depending on the season and where we are going, I add a top layer that makes the most sense. Below are a few ideas based off my standard flying outfit.


This duster sweater is one of my favorite things to wear on the plane. It's the perfect amount of comfort while not looking like you headed to the airport in what you slept in the night before. PSA: people, I get that it might be early but you could have changed out of the Spongebob fleece pants. You got yourself to a place where plans fly in and out on a regular basis...put on some pants. Rant over, back to sweater-ness. The long length makes it perfect as a pseudo blanket on the plane if it's chilly and the pockets provide great storage while you're in airport and need an extra hand. 


This is my go-to in the airport for the fall/winter months. It provides a decent amount of warmth and endless supply of pockets. Wearing them services a practical purpose as well; jackets can be bulky and take up a lot of room in your suitcase. We went to DC in the dead of winter last year so wearing our big puffy jackets vs. packing them was a lifesaver. While the practicality is solid, these coats have a great structure to them that add a nice touch of chic for your time in the terminal. 


One of my favorite things to do is wear a comfy layer on top for the actual flight (cozy sweater, soft jacket, large pashmina etc.) but carry a leather jacket along for when we arrive at our destination. This helps avoid having to unpack/get ready before heading out. I have also had the situation where I need to go right from the airport to dinner or an event so this option provides a quick change. Speaking of, instead of trying to navigate escalators and lots of steps in heels, wear the flats until you get to the baggage claim or bathroom outside of the concourses. Heels/jacket on, a little dry shampoo, add a necklace, Evian spray for your face, trade in your tote for a're good to go.


Thanks for American Tourister for partnering with me for this post. The company is great...they have been around since the 1930s when Sol Koffler used his life savings to capitalize on his dream. Throughout the years they have continued the tradition of quality and innovation in design. This focus has solidified them as one of the most recognized and loved luggage companies in the world. 

The little yellow guy featured in these photos is the 20" Wavebreaker Spinner in Sunny Yellow. It's part of their Fun Never Gets Old series which is a collection full of lively suitcases sure to bring some cheer to your travels! 


More travel tips to come my friends. For now, I want to hear what your outfit picks are when you fly...


I partnered with American Tourister on this post but all contents and thoughts are mine.