The Mailbox Chronicles: Refuse To Sink


Who doesn't love some good snail mail? 

Continuing the effort to utilize snail mail with this note of encouragement. The card houses vibrant, fun colors which continues the heart of the message. Bonus=the design itself is letterpress. This is one of my favorite processes when it comes to any kind of stationary...I think it adds such an interesting element to whatever type of card/note you are sending. 

This card was sent to a dear friend who has taken on a new path in her career. Her job was challenging to begin with so this promotion to assume more responsibility bumped her stress level to maximum. I am so proud of the way that she has chosen to face this problem head on and take it all in stride. Like I said, there were challenges in her job to begin with: inequality, justice issues, working with the state to ensure laws are being upheld...and all this in connection with youth which makes everything feel more amplified.

I am in no way surprised at how she has doubled down and faced this uncertain path with confidence, grace, and patience. Her positive attitude speaks volumes about not only the depth of her character but the heart that she has for this difficult work. I am proud but again, not surprised at her approach to everything that has been loaded on her (already full) plate. 

In this vein, I thought this little card was the perfect pick-me-up for her. A reminder to keep moving, swimming, forging ahead even when the path is dark. Growing up in Michigan and spending many days of her life at a lake has grown her love for water. You can tell she feels at home there and finds solace in the familiarity that it brings. This aspect of her life only solidified this card being perfect for her. 

How are your pursuits of snail mail going? I know this can seem like a chore sometimes but it's so important that we all work to preserve this method of communication. I would love to hear about the ways that you are incorporating it into your life. 

Thanks again to Design Design right here in Grand Rapids for partnering with me for this fun series. More to come from them and my snail mail pursuits.