30 days of dresses anyone? 

One of my favorite things to do is take photos for fellow bloggers. My friend Kherington and I were actually shooting some photos of her and her daughter when she mentioned her upcoming series. 30 dresses, 1 for each day of June. I loved the concept she was pursuing (AND gave her huge props for taking on an ambitious project). 

It shouldn't have surprised me. I have written about Kherington on the blog before. She's a boss lady-fashionista-rockstar mom wrapped up into one. Have loved our photo shoots and co-working sessions together.

But, back to the dresses. Who wouldn't want to see this babe in a pretty dress 30 days in a row? If you haven't been following her series #THEKQ30 yet, find all the magic on her blog and her Instagram. Here are some pictures from this month that Kherington has already shared...I mean, c'mon.