Superhero Day (Obsessed with this cape)


Who said that capes were just for superheroes and little kiddos?

This fun piece has been my go-to for the past few weeks. It was my inaugural clothing purchase on Amazon (I'm sure they were throughly confused that my order wasn't something random or household related). I was a bit nervous because I have read some horror movie level reviews about clothing people have gotten. But, I know there are a lot of people that use Amazon for this aspect of their shopping as well so figured I would give it a glad that I did. 

Have been loving this cape. I have worn it in a lot of different ways and it transitions easily. On this particular day, I had a couple meetings and then lunch with some friends so paired it with white jeans, simple black tunic, favorite striped necktie, and THESHOES. It was an easy outfit that was the mix of laid back and chic that I was looking for. 

Be discerning but take a chance on Amazon friends. You might just find a little gem like this one...


Cape: Slamazon Find
White Jeans: Gap True Skinnys
Tunic: H&M Tunic
Necktie: H&M (could not find online but have seen them in stores both here in Michigan and in Chicago).
Shoes: Free People Royal Flat in Canary