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Welcome to Grand Rapids, Reservoir! 

The fun on Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids continues with one of the newest additions Reservoir. The brand is curated and run by owner Erin Murphy who is a West Michigan native. She started Reservoir as an apparel label after her time in the fashion industry. Through this time, she found a love for American made clothing and brands that also shared a vision of sustainability. 

Her first shop found it's home in the Hudson Valley in New York. She created the space as a way to highlight makers that aligned with the same values: sustainable fashion, responsibility of human impact on the environment, and fair working environments. Grand Rapids was an easy choice when it came to opening her second location. 

Erin wants to change what people think about sustainable products. "I had worked in the fashion industry for 10 years before I opened gave me momentum to try and change the way consumers view shopping", she said. She wants to introduce people to sustainable apparel/products in a different way...leading with the brand stories that customers are able to connect with. Both of her stores are a collection of clothing, home, and personal items showcasing local makers, fair trade goods, and brands that focus on sustainable, ethical manufacturing practices. You can see Erin's eye throughout the store. Items are thoughtful and beautiful showing her intentional approach to merchandising. 

"Our sustainable apparel includes anywhere from locally made items, multi-purpose pieces, fair trade artisan goods to organic fabrics, keeping quality and affordability in mind (our clothing starts at $18). We carry scarves that double as table runners, jackets made from repurposed poly taffeta, totes that help to feed children in need, baby clothing made from organic cotton and a vast number of made in USA apparel & accessories, a handful even from here in Michigan!"

Given her time in the fashion industry, I asked her how she felt sustainable apparel fit into the industry in general. Her perspective was really interesting, "I think the more people learn about the process, the more they care about their purchases. Since I opened the first shop 5 years ago, the number of brands using sustainable practices seems to have exploded. We don't have to search for the few and far between anymore, its just our job now to get all these amazing brands in front of consumers so they can see what a difference it makes to shop for items that will last, are timeless and leave a better impact on our environment & communities. From just walking in, I think new customers are always a bit surprised to find out that our store focusses on sustainability, but that's the goal. Make sustainability the norm. Make it accessible and make your shopping experience a story worth taking home."

When she isn't at one of her stores, you can find this busy gal spending time with her daughter and husband or wrangling their dogs and chickens. She mentioned it's good to be home and shared some of her local favorites, "Off the top of my head, Sparrows has my morning coffee covered, Marie Catrib's and our neighbors at WikiWiki & Uncle Cheetah's cook up the perfect lunch, I looove Donkey (seriously who doesn't..those tacos!), tapas all night at Zoko's, Roses is my nostalgic go-to, and a glass of wine at 616 please! I could also spend countless hours at Meijer Gardens, walking the Reeds Lake Trail, picking apples Robinettes and strolling along the Uptown district." 

If you're local, stop by Reservoir on Wealthy or check them out online. Either way, use the code ASHLEY15 to receive 15% off your any clothing purchase through July 15.

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*I partnered with the fine folks at Reservoir in Grand Rapids on this post but all thoughts and content are my own.