Shoe Shuffle: Loafer


This shoe business is getting serious now.

Here's the second edition of my shoe shuffle. This time, I'm focusing on loafers which are another favorite of mine. From the (literally) low maintenance heel to being able to slip them on and go, they are an important staple for any wardrobe. I love how diverse they can be like the plain 'basic' ones below compared to the patterned, embellished pairs. 

A few loafer outfit ideas: 

  • Distressed jeans, crew neck, hair in a high bun
  • Cropped pants, oxford, blazer 
  • White pants, blue and white striped shirt, trench coat, bandana tied on neck

BLUE STRIPES: Sperry Slip-Ons (in my internet searching for these oldie but goodies, I found a grey and white freaking cute). 

CUT OUTS: Free People Royale Flats in Canary...but they come in a bunch of amazing colors as well.

GEMSTONES: I found the ones in the picture at a Target a few years ago for $2. There are a bunch of different styles that you can choose from. Like theseeeee.

NEUTRALS: Coach Crosby Drivers