Share Your Gifts

Raise your hand if you’re a fellow commercial sap like me…

I’m sitting there watching something on TV and a commercial comes on-cue this girl in full on t-e-a-r-s. Lately, the Extra gum commercials have been The one where the dad makes the cranes out of wrappers and his college bound daughter has kept them all? The one where quick sketches captured a couple’s journey throughout their love story? DONE FOR.

I had a similar experience recently when this ‘Share Your Gifts’ Apple commercial popped up. I was so intrigued at how beautiful it was. But after watching, I quickly noticed that it was way beyond beauty…it had the most lovely message. Essentially, the main gal spends her time creating but then hiding her work. I won’t ruin the end of it for you, but the heart of it is sharing your gifts-not being afraid for the world to see your shine.

This message warmed my soul. A reminder that what you bring to the world doesn’t need to be grand or perfect…the important part is that you bring it. I think it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle sometimes. It can be intimidating when you look around and see all the talent that exists. Instead of feeling inspired, it can make you feel scared to share out of fear that it has been ‘done before’ or ‘isn’t good enough.’

I took this video as a reminder to not shy away from the gifts you have been given; that someone out there probably needs to hear/read/see it. So, I hope that it can bring the same warmth to your soul and the same reminder that you have the most amazing gifts that should be shared.

Whatever your gift is, share it with the world. You are the only YOU.