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One of my favorite parts of Christmas shopping is when I get to wander into my favorite local spots for gifts. The concept of shopping local is important especially this time of year when the default is often the big box stores. Don't get me wrong, I shop at Target and utilize Amazon...but I do make a concentrated effort to support local shops as much as I can.

Mercy Supply is the perfect vibe for a lot of people in my life from a dear friend in California who loves to camp in the desert to a family member who loves outdoor brands. They offer such a curated, intentional collection that is cohesive from top to bottom. Make sure to add them to your list of places to shop in Grand Rapids! 

Built to Last.

Mercy Supply Co. builds quality bags and workwear that are built to last. We've spent years behind the sewing machine making these products and equally as much time wearing and testing them. The founder, Rusty Zylstra, started this company on the basis of creating functional products that have meaning. With intentional design we believe that a good bag or a quality garment can make your job easier. And thats what we strive to produce. Established 2009.
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