Kindness/Confetti Throwing Agents


Maybe because it's Monday? 
Maybe because it's unapologetically COLD (strikethrough, fr-eezing) outside? 
Maybe because it's such a fetching shade of grey today? 
Maybe because of my absentminded doodle (see picture)? 


Whatever the case, I have been thinking a lot about kindness since I got up this morning. How I should be better about displaying, giving, and working towards it. Not just to 'my people' but everyone around me. As in maybe it wasn't the very end of the world when that distracted driver cut me off on the way to work. Or how I should have probably stopped checking emails for the 10 seconds that the barista was speaking to me.

My guess is that our communities would be much saner, safer places if we intentionally passed kindness around. Or, if we chose to"throw it around like confetti."

Some what-ifs...

  • What if we reached for grace vs. argumentative judgment? 
  • What if we came to terms with our own shortcomings before recognizing them so clearly in others? 
  • What if we felt the hurt or walked the road with those that we often consider lesser? 
  • What if we had face to face, real conversations with people instead of adding to the noise in the comments section on Facebook? 
  • What if we 'dug in' and went to work as agents of change instead of sharing the latest click bait? 

Praying I can reach for understanding first, welcome a stranger, take on a new perspective. I think that a lot of us could use that...our world could use that.

Take heart dear friends. Now go and throw that confetti.