Jo & Carpe Corde


Cue Lyon Street. Cue coffee + tea. Cue babe Joanna Dreiling.

I was able to grab coffee with Joanna a few days ago and it was the perfect way to launch me into the weekend. Her energy is contagious and I loved connecting with her to chat life/blogging/business/the soul stuff.

She is at the beginning of a new adventure as a certified Empowerment Coach. (WHAT, yes how beautiful is that). Her company Carpe Corde is centered on empowering people to live a life they love through a vision of their purpose. This is so evident when you talk to her...she wants to understand what makes your soul happy and brings that spirit to her work. She has a perceptive way of bringing movement and life to a conversation while maintaining a centered presence. It's phenom. 

The tagline for Carpe Corde is "Live your adventure, seize opportunity, and take heart." There's so much depth there, right? She works with her clients to help them: 

  • IDENTIFY THEIR PURPOSE: The guttural, tangibles that make us tick...
  • SHIFT THEIR ENERGY: How do I function, how do I show up to the world, what's the good or bad in that, how can I be more aware? 
  • SEEK OUT THEIR POTENTIAL: Can you imagine having someone intentionally encouraging you to live into your potential? Powerful. 
joanna carpe corde

I felt like the world needed to know a bit more about Jo and Carpe Corde. At one point she referred to it as "architecture for your life" which I think all of our lives/souls could benefit from.

If nothing else, you should meet the woman behind all of this. I mean, she loves connecting with people, Lyon Street, building community, traveling, and cheese. Yas, cheese (see @carpecheese on Insta). See? Told you she was a good person. 

Find her/Carpe Corde on Instagram: @jo_drei, @carpecorde and keep an eye on her website for updates! 

Cheers to living intentional, purpose filled lives.