Profile-Jasmine Wisz

World, Meet Jasmine (she's rad)...

Jasmine is everything you would think an artist would be in the best way: dynamic, creative, intellectual, imaginative...I loved sitting down with her at one of our favorite spots in town (Le Bon Macaron) to hear more from her unique perspective. 

When talking about her paintings, Jasmine said a lot of people buy them as gifts. Can you imagine the pure joy when you hand someone a one of a kind portrait of their dog? Home? Them? SO GOOD.

Jasmine was explaining to me how she paints what inspires her in real life from women to places to flowers...I felt like I had a sneak peek into her soul and the things that make her light up. Her spirit and art is so genuine and you can see that poured into each piece. She makes you feel like you're chatting with an old friend (oh, also she has the most in-sane red hair #shouldbedoingshampoocommercials). 

When did you discover your love of art and that it could turn into a career for you?
People around me always told me to do art. We had to do a self-portrait in kindergarten and I put eyelashes on mine. I was interested in that detail already. My parents put me in an after-school art program. This continued…in high school I was actually able to take classes at Kendall. By the time I graduated I almost had a full Art minor.


What characterizes your aesthetic?
I like my paintings to feel whimsical and light…I work a lot with watercolors but even when I don’t they have that feel. I focus on architecture, nature, floral, and ladies. When you think of art a lot of it is controversial. I like to focus on things that are beautiful and give people happiness and joy. The things I like to paint…I find them beautiful in real life. I like going to a gallery and reading about what the artist was trying to convey in their work. A lot of the time it’s a message or some kind of statement. I enjoy that it’s just not my place in the art world.

Note: Jasmine mentioned that one of her inspirations is Monet...he is one of my faves as well. You can feel that influence in her work with the most feminine, hearty Jasminesque touch. 

Where do you display/sell your work?
My Etsy shop is the biggest place that I sell custom paintings. I do customer watercolor houses, pet portraits, or couples. Le Bon Macaron has been a way that people find out about my work. It’s the perfect space for my style…you can paint something beautiful but if it’s not displayed in the right way it doesn’t work. People come in here and see my work on the walls. So, this location along with Etsy is where I get the most sales exposure.

Note: First of all, if you haven’t been to Le Bon yet (see my feature on them here) you need to and second of all when you go check out Jasmine's beautifulness on the walls. Instantly, you are transported to a chic café in Paris with her whimsical pictures of ladies dining al fresco and the Eiffel Tower.

What are your favorite things to paint?
Ladies and dogs…I like to paint the things that I feel inspired by in my life. Floral is also something I paint a lot. Of course I enjoy painting someone’s home or picture from their wedding but ladies always seems to be my favorite thing.

What mediums do you use?  
Watercolor a lot of the time or acrylic if I am using a canvas.

What’s the toughest part of being an artist/owning your own business?
Flows when it comes to business. You will get bursts of orders and then the shop will be dead and you start wondering what is going on…why there’s a lull. Usually when that happens an order comes through and makes your day.


When you aren’t painting, what takes up your time?
My husband Blake and I have a freelance company. We do photography, marketing, and branding. Besides that, I love drinking coffee and taking care of my house plants (I am a little obsessed). We also have a cat that I’m obsessed with. Other than that we like to drive to the beach and hike. Between all of those things I keep pretty busy.

Who are some of your favorite fellow artists on Instagram? 
Britt Bass and Kristine Brookshire!

What are some of your favorite places here in GR?
Le Bon Macaron of course, Maru Sushi, and Marie Catribs…this little corner I guess!


What advice would you have for someone who is interested in art or making a career out of something creative?
Do it. Do it for you and work hard at it…hone your craft and put the work in and you will be successful in it. People are afraid of being creative or doing something creative…it’s like piano lessons. Yes there are people who have a natural ability but if you take lessons and continue to work at it, you will be able to play the piano. Same goes for art: if you draw or paint or work on a creative scale you are going to get better at it.

Thanks to Jasmine for sharing some images of her amazing work! 

FACEBOOK: @ArtByJasmineWisz
INSTAGRAM: @jasminewisz
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