Janna Conner Los Angeles

Need some new jewelry? Yes, of course you do.


I found Janna's work on Instagram. She has the most beautiful aesthetic and I was so drawn to her collection. Her company is based in LA and you can feel that soul woven throughout her jewelry. 

It makes sense why her jewelry is so noteworthy; the artist behind them seems like a fascinating person. I was reading Janna's bio and she has a degree in Chinese history from UCLA (someone who chooses a unqiue major like that is obviously bound for something amazing).

Her travels seem to have influenced the artistic direction of her jewelry in the most imaginative way. Essentially, I want to fly to LA and just watch her creative process/drink wine with her. 


She brings together simplicity and significance in such a seamless way. She will use a unique gem but pair it with a simple gold chain. She lets the materials speak for themselves and organically find their place within your look. I loved how I could envision wearing her work with different looks; they would be the perfect way to dress up an outfit for an event or be your 'everyday/go-to' accessories. 


Janna sent me these beautiful chandelier earrings made of rhodochrosite, hand-carved pink mother of pearl rosettes, and tassels (because, yes). They're elegant but fun, simple but make a statement. 


Make sure to check out Janna's work on her website. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook. Enjoy the lovely!